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Title / Certificate of Origin Instructions
«MSO/Certificate of Origin requests are handled one of two ways depending upon the manufacturer. Both are industry standard for the customer’s protection.

v The first way this could be sent, is inside the unit, but unsigned, in which case you would mail it back in to our offices to be filled out and we would mail it back.

Ø When you mail in the MSO you will need to include in the envelope a copy of your sales receipt that we emailed you after your order was confirmed.

Ø Our address here is:
ATTN: Customer Service
1333 South Schoolhouse Road.
New Lenox, IL. 60451

ØTypically a mail in request is processed and mailed back within 2 business days. If the paperwork needs a notary’s signature it will typically take up to 6 business days for full processing.

Ø Notary states include: Florida, Kentucky, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming. If you are requesting a special notary signature from a state other than the above listed, you will need to include a $15.00 check made out to Great Sports Inc. to cover the notary fees.

ØAll processing times are from the date that we receive the paperwork to our office in the mail.

vThe other way you can receive your MSO is that you will not receive it with the unit but will request it from our offices once you have received the unit. The way to request your MSO is to contact us here with the VIN number off of your unit. Once you have received the completed MSO from us, you will then go to your DMV to begin your registration process.

Ø To request an MSO please email [email protected] with the name that was on your order and the 17 digit VIN number off of your product. Generally the VIN number can be located on the frame of the unit, near the steering column. If it is not near the steering column, check other frame areas, or under the seat if your item has a seat storage compartment.

ØTypically a request takes anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks because it has to be ordered in from the manufacturer, which is usually in China. We do our best to get everything processed as quickly as possible for each of our customers.

vIf you have any questions that were not answered in the above information, please email them to [email protected] and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.