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Choose Which Options are Right for You

All our items come with everything that is necessary for that particular item, however some of the add-ons are great options if they something you like, or think you may need. We have the add-ons to help our customers improve their item to their needs; in other words customizable.

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Why are the Dimensions Not Exact?
  • Our furniture is built from only the best, hand picked, pine and aspen logs straight from the forest. Because all of our furniture is made from natural wood, each piece will vary slightly depending on each log. For this reason, many of our furniture dimensions have a length and width range. All beds are built to fit the standard U.S. mattress sizes. If you are concerned with specific dimensions, please let our office know at the time of your order so that we can do our best to meet your needs.

Benjamin Moore Finish

  • Benjamin Moore is the brand of finish we use on our furniture. Finish is a protective coating used on most wood products. Our finish is not a stain, it will not change the color of the wood, but it does make it slightly glossy. We use a clear coat, polyurethane, water based finish which protects the wood against water, sun, and aging damage. It will help your wood last longer and we highly suggest finishing your bed. Our finish add-on includes five thick coats of this high quality finish. You can also finish your furniture yourself. Benjamin Moore Finish can be purchased at most home improvement or hardware stores. Please note: Most photos on our website are of furniture that has been finished.

Sunburst Pattern

  • The sunburst pattern option means your head board and foot board rungs will be slightly angled outward to form the pattern of a half sun. If you do not choose this option, your head board and foot board rungs will be vertical.

Rustic Rungs

  • The rustic rung option is only available for pine beds. Rustic rungs means your rungs will be made of aspen, instead of pine.

Add Oversized Wood
  • All our beds come in a standard log diameter size, usually within a specific diameter range. Choosing to add oversized wood means we will built with wood beyond that range.

Extra Headboard and Footboard Rungs/Spindles
  • Rungs or spindles are the vertical pieces in the head board and foot board. each bed comes with a set amount standard. If you would like to add more than the standard amount, you may choose to do so.

Extra Side Rails
  • Side Rails are the pieces running from the head board to the foot board. These pieces will also hold the mattress slats if your bed includes them. Each bed comes with at least one set (one rail on each side). Choosing extra side rails will give additional support to the bed, but is not necessary for a sturdy bed. The additional side rails will be placed above the side rail which holds the mattress slats.

Bolt Hole Options
  • Each bed includes hardware, including eight inch lag bolts, to secure the bed together. Pre-drilled holes are placed in the wood for these bolts. These bolts sit inside the log about 2 inches and do not stick out of the log. Nothing further is needed for assembly, but we do offer three options to hide these holes.

Wood Trim
  • Many of our items can be trimmed in either aspen or pine. When purchasing these items, please specify which type of wood you would like.

Trundle Drawers
  • Looking for more storage? Use the extra space under your bed with these optional trundle drawers. These can be added to most beds. They include two drawers which slide from under your bed. These drawers are the legth of half the bed width. You can order one or two sets.

True Glide Drawers
  • All items with drawers come with standard, ball baring, drawer slides. True Glide Drawer slides are an even better option in drawer slides. These will extend the drawer fully out of the dresser, hold more weight than the standard slide, and last even longer.

Dovetail Drawers

  • Dovetail Drawer construction is offered to increase the strength of the drawer. This option will help drawers last longer and hold more weight.

Single and Double Slab Drawer Fronts
  • To offer extra character, we have three drawer front styles for most of our cabinetry items. All items come with the standard drawer front unless otherwise specified. Single Slab drawer fronts have one aspen log, cut in half, mounted on the drawer front. Double Slab drawer fronts have two aspen logs, cut in half, mounted on the drawer front.

Toe Kick
  • We offer an optional toe kick option to many of our cabinetry items. The Toe Kick option will hide the bottom of the dresser and protect it from damage by shoes.

  • You will notice cracks, some small and some larger, in your rustic log furniture. This occurs naturally in the drying process and adds to the character and rustic look of our products. These cracks, which are known as checking, do not diminish the function or design of our rustic log furniture. All rustic log furniture is subject to the natural process of "checking". Checking, or cracking, happens as wood releases moisture, and normally occurs across or through the annual growth rings. It is the usual result of wood seasoning. This natural process adds to the uniqueness of the pieces and lends it that certain rustic appeal that has become so popular in home and garden decor. The degree of checking will vary from product to product and from log to log.

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