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Mississippi River Flood
May 13, 2011

After cresting in Memphis, Tennessee last week, the rain-swollen waters of the Mississippi River continue their course downstream. Headed towards New Orleans and the Mississippi delta beyond, the excess water has already swamped towns in the  Mid-West and Mid-South, displaced thousands of residents, and flooded hundreds of homes and businesses. Besides the obvious physical damage to land and property, the flooded Mississippi could wreak considerable havoc on the economy as well. A great deal of commerce is conducted by barges traveling up and down the river, and all river traffic has been halted in several areas, waiting for the waters to recede.

If you live in a flood-prone area, whether along the Mississippi, another major river, or just in a low lying area with nearby creeks, and streams, it's a good idea to be prepared and have supplies on hand in case of a flood. In the spring and summer, downpours embedded within thunderstorms can drop several inches of rain very quickly, and the inevitable power outages that come with severe weather can leave you with a basement full of water when your sump pump stops.

Of course, the best course of action for those who live near major rivers is to heed warnings from local officials and evacuate if ordered to do so. In other areas, it is important to keep an eye on the weather and know what's coming your way. If you come across standing water in a roadway, don't try to drive through it - find another route. And should your basement or entire home be overcome with floodwater, here are some products from Safer Wholesale that will make dealing with it a little easier.

  • General purpose pump
  • Silicone carbide mechanical seal
  • Lightweight aluminum pump housing
  • Max Flow Volume:  2,300 GPH
  • Total Head:  82 Feet
  • Weight:  13 lbs
  • Inlet/Outlet Dia.:  1"
  • Price: $198.95

  • Rugged SUPER-TOUGH vinyl construction
  • Fast-fill, fast-deflate Boston valves
  • Three separate air chambers
  • "Double-Quick" double action air pump
  • One pair of aluminum oars with oar retainer ring
  • Inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity
  • Convenient all around safety grab line
  • Welded on oar locks
  • Motor mount fittings
  • Price: $139.95

  • Engine: 6.5 HP/3600 RPM 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled
  • Rated/Peak Output: 3000Watt/3500Watt
  • Start/Ignition Method: Pull Start
  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V / 240V, 60Hz
  • Weight: 120 Lbs
  • Approx. Fuel Consumption: 0.4 Gallons/hr.
  • Run Time:  8 hours (EST.)
    Features: Extra Large Air Cleaner & Muffler, Automatic Voltage Regulator, Circuit Protecting Device
  • Price: $349.95

  • Inlet and outlet diameter: 3 " (80mm)
  • Max. lift head: 98 ft (30m)
  • Max. suction head: 26 ft (8m)
  • Max. flow rate: 211 GPM (800L/Min)
  • Max. power: 4.8 kw (6.5HP) / 3600 rpm
  • Engine: type: OHV25 Tilt single cylinder forced air cooling, 4 stroke
  • Price: $289.95

  • Extremely rigid, lightweight hull
  • Heavy-Duty marine grade plywood transom
  • Cast-aluminum engine brackets
  • One-way drain valve with plug
  • Stainless steel bow towing rings
  • Deep inflatable V-keel
  • Includes: plywood seat, aluminum oars, repair kit, pump and carry bag
  • Price: $974.95

  • Engine: 13 HP (EST)/3600 RPM 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled 
  • Rated/Peak Output: 6000Watt/6500Watt
  • Start/Ignition Method: Electric Start
  • Engine Cylinders: 1
  • Voltage/Frequency: 120V / 240V, 60Hz
  • Features: Extra Large Air Cleaner & Muffler, Automatic Voltage Regulator, Circuit Protecting Device and Circuit Breaker
  • Price: $799.95

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