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Home Chicken Keeping a Growing Trend 
April 22, 2011

Many people grow their own fruits and vegetables in a backyard garden, ensuring themselves a steady supply of fresh, organic, pesticide-free produce. What if you could have the same freshness, safety, and abundance in eggs and poultry? Whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area, with a backyard chicken coop, you can! Thousands of Americans have learned that raising their own chickens at home is a lot easier and more rewarding than they would have ever guessed. The eggs you buy at the grocery store may have been laid as long as six weeks before you even buy them. You won't believe how much better an egg that's less than 24 hours old can taste.

Before you start shopping for laying hens, make sure chicken coops aren't prohibited in your area by local ordinances or homeowner's association bylaws. Many areas allow hens but prohibit roosters. You should also make sure that there aren't any predators in your area (including neighborhood dogs and cats) that could threaten your chickens. If there are potential predators, you can still raise chickens - just make sure they're enclosed in a sturdy secure run rather than wandering free range in your back yard.

Once you've ensured that your chickens will be safe from both the critters and the cops, it's time to choose a chicken coop. A good rule of thumb for choosing a coop is to allow about three feet of space per chicken, so how many chickens you can raise might be limited to the amount of available back yard space you have. Fortunately, backyard chicken coops come in a wide range of sizes, from small units that can house a single chicken to bigger chicken houses that will hold up to 16 hens.

Your kids will love helping raise chickens from adorable baby chicks and learning about where their food comes from, and the whole family will love having a renewable supply of fresh, delicious eggs.

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  • 12mm tongue and grooved treated fir timber
  • Solid wood raised floor
  • Coop ( 38.5" W x 46.5" D x 50" H)
  • Internal lockable nesting area ( 2 wall 3 nesting )
  • 3 Internal perches
  • Slide-able metal tray for easy cleaning
  • Also suitable for ducks
  • Will Hold up to 9 Hens 14 Bantams
  • Price: $744.95

  • Made from 12mm tongue and grooved treated fir timber
  • Solid wood raised floor
  • Coop ( 64" W x 53" D x 44" H)
  • 4 Internal perches
  • 2 X Slideable metal tray for easy cleaning
  • Lockable door and 4 X ( 8 inch ) wheels
  • Will Hold up to 2 - 16 Hens 4 - 20 Bantams
  • Price: $929.95

  • Large Hinged Nesting Box with 2 nest areas
  • Sliding Access Door with a Ramp
  • Grilled Ventilation to the Rear
  • The Side Is Removable for Easy Access for Cleaning
  • Easy Assembly and Instructions
  • Overall Size (48" Wide 31.5" Deep 43" High
  • Weight 84lbs
  • Hold up to 8-10 Bantams or 4-5 Large
  • Price: $379.95

  • Coop exterior sizes:  53" x 35.5" x 33" 
  • Large Hinged Nesting Box:  31" x 11" x 15"
  • Run sizes:  38.5" x 38.5" x 29"
  • 4 Internal perches
  • Slide-able metal tray for easy cleaning
  • Will Hold up to  8 Hens or 10 Bantams
  • Price: $780.95

  • Lockable nest box & door
  • Access door to the front
  • 2 Internal perches
  • Slideable metal tray for easy cleaning
  • Also suitable for ducks
  • Will Hold up to 4 Hens or 6 Bantams
  • Price: $699.95

  • Automatic Digital frequency display and control   
  • Auto-temperature, Auto- humidity , Auto-turning eggs and ventilating system, Auto-alarming          
  • Ventilation by vertical air moving fan controlled by an electrical motor         
  • Heating with heater controlled by electronic system with probe & display          
  • 220V 200W (110v Converters include)
  • 29" x 26" x 38"
  • Price: $1399.95

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