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Country Music Awards 2011
March 28, 2011

Country music fans everywhere are looking forward to the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards coming up on April 3, 2011, but you don't have to be a redneck woman like 2011 Best Female Country Vocal Performance Grammy Award nominee Gretchen Wilson to have a ton of fun on an ATV! Four Wheelers come in sizes for riders of all ages, built for any terrain, and in styles to match any taste!

Country music and off-roading have long gone hand in hand, as seen in the following lyrics:

"While The World Goes Down The Drain" by Montgomery Gentry

Some kids grew up on mean streets
Dealin' with the crips and bloods
But me I was born on a back road
In a 4X4 rollin' through the mud

"Rough & Ready" by Trace Adkins

Mud grips - white-tip
Cigar stickin' out of my face
Banged up fender
4x4 - straight pipe roar

"Four Wheel Drive" Lyrics by John Michael Montgomery

Well, last night me an' darlin', we went explorin',
Rode off the road to a place we'd never been.

"Got Mud" by Neal McCoy

Got mud, no fear, Bocephus, cold beer,
We bounce, we slide, we sing while we ride,
We don't like paved streets, asphalt or concrete,
Got mud, yeah, we got mud.

"Mud on the Tires" by Brad Paisley

There's a place I know about where the dirt road runs out,
And we can try out the four-wheel drive.
Come on now what do you say?
Girl, I can hardly wait to get a little mud on the tires.

If these songs have inspired you to hit the off-road,
check out our complete ATV inventory.

250cc Utility Monster Hummer
  • Engine:  250cc 4 stroke ATV Water Cooled
  • Max Power:  12.5 kw/ 8,000 r/min
  • Transmission Drive:  Chain Driven
  • Start:  Electric w/ Key Ignition
  • Top Speed:  Up to 50 MPH
  • Brakes:  FRONT & REAR DISC
  • Priced at $2899.95

  • Engine:  100cc Air Cooled 4 stroke
  • Max Power:  7 HP
  • Start: Electric with a set of keys
  • Transmission:  Fully-automatic / No Hand Clutch
  • Top Speed:  47 MPH
  • Price: $529.95

250cc Stealth 4 Stroke
Full Size Sport ATV
  • Engine:  250cc 4 stroke - Liquid or Air cooled
  • Max Power:  20 HP
  • Max Torque:  50 Ft lbs.
  • Start:  Electric Key Ignition
  • Transmission:  4 Speed Manual With REVERSE!
  • Top Speed:  45 MPH
  • Brakes:  Front Drum hydraulic Brakes And Rear Cross
    Drilled disc rotor And Rear Foot Disc
  • Priced at $1349.95

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