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American Idol Elimination Tonight
April 7, 2011

The country will be watching tonight as American Idol eliminates another singer, bringing the number of remaining contestants down to eight. The internet is full of speculation as to who will get the axe this week, considering all of the remaining contenders have put in their fair share of both strong and shaky performances. Every season, this popular show takes thousands of would-be pop stars from auditions down to a single winner, after weeks of phoned in audience voting.

Almost everyone at one time or another has dreamed of stardom, and almost as many people think they have a good singing voice, even when their friends, family, and neighborhood dogs might beg to differ. If you think you have what it takes to be an American Idol, maybe you should try practicing at home first. Everybody's voice sounds good in the shower - that's just acoustics. But how good does your voice sound amplified through a microphone? Can you keep time with backing music and hit the right musical cues to know when to start singing? Just what does "pitchy" mean anyway, and how do you know if you're doing it?

The answers to all of these questions and more can be found with a karaoke system. Karaoke options for your home range from simple to advanced. There are extremely affordable plug and play options that include songs and lyrics encoded on an SD card inserted into a microphone that plugs right in to your TV. Or if you're a seasoned karaoke veteran you might want to go all out and invest in a full professional system that will allow you start your own karaoke DJ business. No matter how big or small your dreams are, whether you're just looking to have some fun singing with friends, want to sit back and let others sing as a karaoke DJ, or are determined to become the next American Idol, there's a karaoke system perfect for you!

  • 7-Band Equalizer for Customizing the Sound of Your Music
  • Handy Front Panel A/V & 1/8" Laptop/Mp3 Input
  • 13-Step Digital Key Control to Transpose the Natural Key of Your Disc Audio (Autotune)
  • Two Wireless Receiver Slots on Rear Panel Available for Adding up to 2 Wireless Modules for a Total of 4 Wireless Microphones
  • Full-Function Remote Control
  • Price: $1119.95

  • All-in-the-microphone portable karaoke system
  • Built-in video processor transmits highlighted lyrics and full-color graphics
  • Connects to virtually any TV through an RCA connection
  • Song selection includes popular, contemporary, traditional, holiday and children's songs
  • Thousands of songs available on song chips sold separately
  • Price: $172.95

  • 1 CDG-8000 Dual-Tray CD/CDG Player
  • 1 KJM-8000+ 9 Channel Digital Key Control KJ/DJ
  • 1 VP-2000 Pro 2000W Professional Power Amplifier
  • 4 VX-15 15" Vocal Speakers
  • 1 CLUB-8 Professional Carpeted Rack-Mount Road Case
  • 1 Custom Road Case Rolling Cart with Locking Casters
  • 2 Professional Vocal Microphones
  • Gooseneck DJ Light
  • Patching Cables
  • Price: $5262.95

  • 1,596 English Songs Built-in
  • Additional song chip with 474 songs included
  • 100% Backward Compatible with existing Enter-Tech Chips
  • 4 Song Chip Expansion Slots Available
  • CD Sound Quality
  • Tune Meter: Will let you check if your notes (scores) from singing are correct
  • NTSC and PAL Compatible for use in Worldwide Televisions!
  • Price: $245.95

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