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Fuel Saver Nitro, Double Your Gas Mileage Today! GREAT FOR V8, Diesel, All Undersized & Oversized Vehicles!
fuel saver (16 plate system)

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We are one of the largest sellers of HHO systems on the internet. With well over 2000 systems sold.
Get From 30%-90% increase in gas mileage with this unit!

We currently build up to 30 units each day and are expanding and will soon have the capacity to put out 50 to 100 machines a day.

We are 100% completely convinced that we are selling the greatest machines at the best prices and offering the most for your money any where on the net. 

We also give a one year Warranty on many of our systems "Including this one" because we believe in what we are selling. 

This is our best selling and most popular system.

This system should last for many years to come if used and maintained properly.

It is a complete kit. And you will be happy with the results.

Under normal use it draws 8 to 15 amps and does not over heat. 

Our strongest selling points with this system are these:

One year Warranty on this cell system!

Our plates have over 400 Sq Inches of surface Area.

We use a 16 Plate System with 8 cells

Our Plates are made of  "316-L" Stainless steel. (It is the highest quality out there)

We use 14 Gauge Plates for the longevity of our unit.

There are no internal wires in this unit. It is all solid construction.

We use a large terminal 5/16 Bolts for the connection.

All terminals are located below the water line so that they will never over heat. 

Our box is made of a High temp rating C-PVC (Far better than PVC)materials Rated to +220 degrees. 

Here is the bonus, If you order before midnight, we will throw in the

The MAP Sensor Enhancer fuel adjuster, Along with a one year warranty

We will also send the package out using priority mail.

We are a real company. With a real shop and store front. We run a respectable operation. And do our best to be fair to all people. If this system does not look like it fits your needs, you may call us and we can change it for you to whatever you are looking for. We have been building custom Hydrogen generators for 4 years.

This is a very nice HHO Kit for any vehicle. It is a complete Hydrogen generator system for your car or truck (or Boat but still experimental). Hybrid System, HHO Gas maker, Water Splitter, Joe Cell, Smack Booster, or what ever you want to call it.

Even if you do not want to read this long listing, just know this,..... HHO Technology will save you money, It is real and it works!!! you do the research yourself....

On Average, Our units should help you to achieve an increase in your fuel mileage by 30% to 90% (And More if you go an extra step or two) and your power levels will go up dramatically. Your engine will run smoother, quieter, faster, stronger, more efficiently and cleaner.

Your car will become a Hybrid and will be allowed on all freeway HOV lanes. You will be entitled to tax benefits that should cover the cost of this device. Everyday that goes by without a Hydrogen generator in your vehicle is one more day of money out the window. We can all change the world with these simple little devices, we just need to all start using them.

There are many people making and selling these kits out of their basements and garages these days. I would not put anyone down, I think we are all doing something that will better the world one day. There is no question that this technology works. You just have to find a system that you like and a person or company who you can trust and go with it.

Our units have proven themselves in Thousands of vehicles for the past few years. We usually get $1295.00 locally, plus the cost of installation for this here unit but we are offering a few hundred of them at promotional prices this month to help get our name out.  

Do not always believe what you hear about the output of units out there on the market. We have yet to see someone tell the truth. Our true out put is from .75 to 3.75 L/P/M on the 16 plate set up. And you can run our system all day at this out put without over heating. And I will guarantee that. Although it does all depend on your mix.

Vehicles have reported all types of mileage increases to us anywhere from 30% to well over 100%. But the majority of people, (9 out of 10) seem to experience a gain of about 45% to 65% increase in fuel mileage. The people who got over 100% usually had Map Enhancer's and sometimes two of our systems.

We make less expensive units for those who cannot afford these systems but we do feel that these are a great value for the dollar. Just visit our fuel saver page, or call us at 866-606-3991 

If you want to resell our systems you can call us and we may be able to talk about a lowered dealer price.

Truckers will get to save an average of 30 to 60% on fuel. We make machines for all vehicles. Email any questions to lgtopseller@yahoo.com and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. Just please, serious questions only. We are a bit busy lately with the rising fuel costs and we answer over 200 emails each day.  Or call us at 866-606-3991 

We have purchased and tested units from many of the other guys who are also selling similar units. We are here to tell you these words,... We have No Competition! No one is giving you what we are for the price.

We are constantly running new experiments and tests to try to find all of the perfect information leading to the perfect systems for fuel mileage enhancements. You can keep our # and check with us in the near future, We are currently studying Fuel Vaporization and Magnetic alignment of the fuel. We feel 100% convinced that we will soon have system stat will be able to consistently offer a 100% fuel mileage increase. It will all start with the system you see here. You just may need to add a few parts to your system.

This 6 x 6 Box kit will work wonders in a Diesel too. You will not see any increase in exhaust gas temperatures. After the HHO gas is burned with the fuel, the HHO gas turns back to water and actually cools the exhaust. It's on a small level but that is what is happening.
Below is a list of the items that are included in this kit:

One Box canister and Cell system

5 Feet of Red#12 stranded wire

5 Feet of Black #12 Stranded Wire

5 Feet of Blue or Green #16 stranded wire

One 30 AMP Relay

One switch

One Flame arrestor

One T-fitting

One- Elbow fitting

Several connectors for the wiring.

Two fuse holders

Several Zip Tie straps.

Fuses 30 AMP and 5 AMP

One installation manual with illustrated instructions and wiring diagrams.



Over all though, we must mention to protect ourselves that we are still dealing with an Experimental device and the buyer should always take caution. The seller will not be responsible for any actions taken by the user which may lead to improper use or problems that may lead to malfunction, damage or personal injury. Our point is, be careful! Follow directions, do not abuse these systems and maintain them so that they will function properly for years to come. We do not hold any responsibility for any damage that may or may not come from our products. We will not be held responsible for and problems with vehicles that may or may not come from the use of our systems. By agreeing to purchase one of our systems, the buyer is agreeing to take on all responsibility of the experiments of this unit.

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