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High Quality Wind Turbine Complete System 1000 Watt (Sale Ends Tonight)
High Quality Wind Turbine Complete System 1000 Watt

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High Quality Wind Turbine
Complete System 1000 Watt

These wind generator systems are designed for the areas having lower average wind speeds. The rated wind speed for this series is 28 mph with a survival wind speed of 50 mph. This makes the systems withstand the heaviest winds from the far reaches of the earth, wherever you might live.

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Technical Specifications
  • Blade diameter:  5.9 Feet (1.8M)
  • Blade material & design:  Strengthened nylon, glass-fiber. Patented Blades with twisted aerodynamic design and high efficiency are made using the latest advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for highest strength, consistency of quality, performance and durability.
  • Number of Blades:  5 blades, variable section aerofoil
  • Speed-limitation mechanism:  Electromagnetic speed limitation and blade over-speed braking
  • Survival speed:  50 mph
  • Rated speed:  12.5 m/s or  28 mph, Start-up Speed - <= 4.47 mph (2 m/s), Cut-in Speed <= 6.7 mph (3 m/s) At cut-in wind speed, it produces power, At cut-in wind speed, it produces power, but it requires higher wind speed to charge 24V battery
  • Maximum & Rated power:  1015W rated with wind only, 1200w maximum with wind and solar hybrid
  • Rated voltage:  DC24V
  • Alternator:  Brushless 3 phase PMA with high performance Neodymium Magnets
  • Tower-top Weight:  53 LBs
  • Required Tower Height:  27 Feet minimum
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This Windmill can produce
UP TO 876 K/W Per Month
Reducing your ENTIRE BILL!

Many remote towns or sparsely populated areas are not serviced by the main power grid.  Power must be generated locally using engine generators powered by conventional fuels, such as diesel.  However, the transport and storage of diesel fuel can be expensive and the supply is not always reliable.  Therefore, diesel generators are best used on a short-term basis or for emergency purposes.  Wind resources are good alternatives to provide more consistent year-round energy powers.  Wind is also the one of the most available renewable energy resources on earth, and many remote areas have plenty supply of both.  


 Wind is a form of the solar energy and is caused by the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun.  For example, the poles receive less energy from the sun than the equator does, and the dry land heats up and cools down more quickly than the seas do.  On much of the earth, wind speeds are low in the summer when the sun shines brightest and longest. The wind is strong in winter when less sunlight is available.  Wind speeds are also low during the day when sunlight is strong, but increase after dark when the earth surface is cooler.






This HYenergy wind alternator is made with high quality, high strength permanent magnetic materials. This is a brush-less permanent magnet motor. It is lightweight and compact and has high-power generating capacity. Our wind alternator experts have used unique electromagnetic technology that has very little starting resistance, thus effectively guaranteeing the easy start-up of an HYenergy wind turbine, even with gentle breezes. HYenergy alternator is designed to provide efficient DC power with an electronic control system. The alternator’s power capacity and start-up performance have made it one of the best in the world.




HYenergy turbine main body is composed of high-quality die cast aluminum alloy from a precision casting process and has stainless steel components. Thus, it is lightweight yet extremely strong, with high reliability. Due to the precision casting process, HYenergy wind turbine has perfect shape. Moreover, the die cast aluminum alloy can work as a cooling system to the turbine because it transfers heat into wind passing through the turbine. Furthermore, HYenergy wind turbine is easy to install and maintenance-free. Its unique design will help create a beautiful skyline while providing clean energy for you in sunny or windy weather. 

Rotor Blades


HYenergy wind turbine blades are composed of fiberglass reinforced composite and are shaped through a high-precision casting process. Fiberglass is an extremely strong material that the advantage of stability and quiet operation. Fiberglass can endure severe weather and environments, such as storms, salt water, and heat. Fiberglass itself is heat resistant and corrosion resistant. It is used in the ship industry for boat frames, in Olympic sports for pool material, in the construction industry as support pillars for mansions, and in the high-quality blades of wind turbines. Due to its strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, fiberglass is a better choice for propeller materials for the hybrid solar wind generator system. HYenergy rotor blades are meticulously designed by aerodynamic experts to have very low start-up and incision points and a very high wind energy utilizing ratio. Because of the aerodynamic effects of the blades, propeller racing can be avoided under all circumstances.


Charge Controller


The surface of HYenergy solar wind charge controller is made through a precision casting process with high quality and die cast oxidize-processed aluminum alloy plate. On the outside of the controller is a digital monitor that visually displays the battery charging and discharging. A solar charging LED and a wind charging LED are separately displayed on the monitor. When solar power is charging the battery banks, the solar LED lights up, and when the wind power is charging the battery banks, the wind charging LED lights up.  HYenergy charge controller also has a large LCD screen that display the voltage of wind, solar and battery, as well as the charging amps.

UP TO 876 K/W Per Month
Reducing your ENTIRE BILL!

Inverter ( Optional )
Convert DC Power to AC Power so that you may use for household appliances and more....

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This Windmill can produce
UP TO 876 K/W Per Month
Reducing your ENTIRE BILL!

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