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Power Gas 16L Tankless Water Heater - Whole House + 3-4 Bathrooms
16L Tank Less Water Heater

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Product Code: GASHEATER16L

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Introducing the Power Gas 16 L
Tankless Water Heater
Save 60% on Your Water Heating Bill

Endless Hot Water!
No more running out of hot water or waiting for water to heat. The Power Gas 16L instantaneous water heater will provide you with an "endless" supply of hot water time after time after time.

Energy Efficient! Savings!
In a conventional tank water heater, hot water is drawn from a tank. This tank maintains a large amount (30 - 60 gallons) of hot water. As hot water "sits" in the tank, heat (or energy) will dissipate causing the water to cool off. The unit will then activate it's heating elements to heat the water to the appropriate temperature. In this manner, energy is continually being consumed to maintain the water temperature hot; even when hot water is not in use.
This water heater does not have a reservoir of water constantly being heated. It only consumes energy when the hot water faucet is opened.

SAVE Up To 60% Off Your Water Heating Bill!!!

Comparison with a typical electric tank water heater....
A typical  tank water heater attributes to approximately 25% of the electric/gas bill. (Tank water heaters that have had little or no maintenance done will consume more.) Because  tankless water heaters activate only when a faucet is open and do not consume power while faucets are closed....Considerable energy savings are realized. This simple concept enables the tankless water heater to deliver significant savings of roughly 35% to 50% over a tank water heater. That is a savings of approximately $64 to $100 a month on a $600 electric bill!!!

Incredible Space Savings!
With the added benefits of not having a water tank, tankless water heaters occupy a relatively small space. These models are suited for wall mounting because of their compact size and light weight. These wall mounted units allow for availability of additional storage space left behind by the tank water heater.

Light Weight!
They are well suited for wall mounting because of their compact size and light weight. These wall mounted units allow for availability of additional storage space left behind by the tank water heater.

No Tanks Leaks!
Tankless water heaters instantly heat water as it passes though small compartments called the heat exchanger. The heat exchangers are constructed from solid copper construction and have a lifetime warranty. With  tankless water heaters, you do not have the worry of developing tank leaks and dealing with clean up and possible water damage associated with it.

Item Specifics

Water heating for the whole house, business, auto shops, cottages, camping and many other uses.

  • Instant gas water heater activated with water pressure
  • Does not require electricity (operates with 2 D cell battery)
  • Extraordinary energy and money savings
  • Perfect alternative for those homes experimenting frequent power outages
  • Heats unlimited volumes of water
  • Allows water temperature  to be controlled
  • Compact design
  • Only uses gas while water is flowing
  • Works easily with low levels of water pressure
  • Anti-combustion and gas pressure safety protection

Technical specifications

Hot Water Outlet per Minute: 16 LPM / 4.2 GPM
Gas Type: LPG
Heat Load: 111,903 BTU/h
Related Gas Pressure (PSI): 0.4
Exhaust Discharge Mode: Flue Duct Type
Applicable Water Pressure: 3.6 - 145.0 PSI / 0.25 - 10 bar
Ignition: Electric Pulse, D Cell battery powered
Energy Efficiency: 54% - 87%
Weight: 34 pounds


  • Height:              27.9"
  • Width:               16.5"
  • Depth:                8.2"

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