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High Quality - Water Ionizer Filtration System (24 Hours Sale!)
Water ionizer

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LIST PRICE: $1,999.95
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APRIL 20th 8 HR. SALE: $629.95
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Why pay overprice for Water Ionizers?
Get the same benefits for THOUSANDS less!!

- 5  PLATINUM / Titanium Plates (high quality plates & membrane made in Japan)
- 4 stages of Filtration  -  3 stage PRE-FILTER  &  1 stage INTERNAL  FILTER
- 4 Levels of Alkalinity, 1 Neutral Level &  2 Levels of Acidity
- 7 COLOR   LCD changes color with each Level selected
- AUTO self clean mode after each use
- MANUAL CLEAN mode with music for severe water conditions
- FREE 3 stage external PRE-FILTER for additional for longer INTERNAL FILTER life!


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Each unit comes with:
FREE water pre-filter system.

8 year warranty on this product!
CALL 1-866-606-3991 NOW

The High Quality Water Ionizer counter top model is a digital water ionizer with preset functions you select with the push of a button.

  • You can choose a range of pH from acidic to alkaline water (low pH to high pH). The lower the pH, the more acidic.
  • Our body should be neutral which is 7 pH or higher. The higher the better.
  • You can test your pH with the test kit included with the machine.
  • The more you drink, the more regulated your body will become and the more cleansed, more energetic, and improve your general health.
  • The water produced from this machine contains twice the oxygen content as regular water. The machine can produce acidic water which is good for cleaning skin, fruits, vegetables and for general cleaning of tables and surfaces.
  • The High Quality Water Ionizer has a neutral setting for producing only purified water without ionization.
  • The machine will self clean periodically to ensure optimal performance and long life.

The High Quality Water Ionizer uses a special electrolysis chamber made of 5 Titanium Platinum alloy plates to create the ion membrane.

  • This chamber instantly activates automatically when you turn on the water to the machine.
  • It produces water on demand. The water is first fed into the internal water filter.
  • This filter's first layer is non-woven fiber to stop rust and sediment,
    the second layer is silver impregnated activated carbon to absorb toxins like chlorine, arsenic and other toxic substances, the silver kills bacteria and viruses.
    The third layer is a special Polysulfone Hollow fiber material to trap even the smallest particles, bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites.
  • And we will even include a pre-filter system to keep your internal filter cleaner, longer.
  • The prefilter system will trap all particles of rust, dirt, sand, mud and large fungus, bacteria and parasites. It will keep your internal filter clear of debris so it will last much longer.
FREE Pre-Filter System
  • With each Water Ionizer you purchase we will include a FREE two stage pre-filter system.
  • It includes a fiber 1st stage to stop rust and sediment and an activated carbon 2nd stage to filter taste, chlorine and other chemicals.
  • This pre-filter system is the industry standard and refill filters can be purchased from any hardware store.
  • The extra free Pre-Filter System will make it about double the life of your High Quality Water Ionizer internal filter.

Filter material

Fiber activated carbon filter from America with NSF certificate

Electrodes material

Japanese high-tech baked titanium platinum electrolysis chamber and ceramic membrane

Display content

( LED display)

alkaline water, acid water, purified water, cleansing and filter longevity

Electrolysis levels

Four levels of alkaline water, one purified water and two levels of acid water

PH value


PH Subtle adjustment

126 levels of PH value

Filter longevity

Original 6000L setting volume, the replacing light will light up when it reaches this volume. Filter life lasts from one year to one and a half year.

Rated voltage

AC220V 50or 110V/60HZ

Consuming power

Max 230W

Input water pressure


Size and weight

About H310mmW220mmD125mm about 5.6Kg

Electrodes cleansing

The Ionizer does automatic cleansing for about 10 seconds after the utilization of alkaline water with 50 L extra cleansing. (The cleansing light will light up).

8 year warranty on this product!

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