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Brand New Ultimate Family Ready Bug Out Bag Survival Kit
Ultimate Family Ready Bug Out Bag Survival Kit

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Ultimate Family Ready Bug
Out Bag Survival Kit

SaferWholesale.com proudly offers the ultimate family ready bug out bag survival kit absolutely the worlds most complete "bug-out-bag" easily ready for 3!  The mother of all prepped bags is only for the most seriously  prepared group!  this kit has it all; no other kit on the market even comes close.

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SaferWholesale.com is the e-leader in emergency preparedness, survival, and emergency planning. When it comes to survival you simply cannot afford to risk planning with a cheap, poorly thought out, inferior kit. This kit could save your life in any number of disasters, emergencies, or survival scenarios.  Leave it to us!  We have assembled a thoughtful and well planned bug out bag kit for the whole family; utilizing the very best implements on the market today.  A large portion of the items you will find in our kits are genuine US Military gear, the best of the best for survival and emergency situations, coupled with other survival supplies. The result is the absolute best kit money can buy!  nowhere else can you find the premium selection that we have to offer!  other stores may try but do not even come close.

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This kit is hands down the best extreme preparedness family survival kit on the market today!  It has been carefully designed by our survival experts to meet and beat almost any situation you and your loved ones would encounter.  It far exceeds the FEMA 72 hours supply recommendations and would likely take a reasonable confident / trained individual or group through an entire month ordeal.  The kit allows extra room to pack individualized items without overlooking any of the most critical supplies.

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Storage & Transportation:
  • US Marine Corp Woodland Digital Camouflage I.L.B.E Main Pack - This 4 season main pack is arguably the most robust, durable, and best all around military field pack of all time! the largest amount of loading capacity available will make you the most prepared!  the pack you will receive will be in very nice condition, free of any flaws whatsoever.  the same arc’teryx pack at a outdoors store can cost in upwards of $600.00 and will not be us marine corp woodland digital camouflage.
  • 2x NBC Field Bag is a perfect alice clip attachable small clothing and gear bag; ideal for attachment to the alice pack or load vest.
  • 2x New USGI M-40 Protective Mask Carrier - Velcro closure, outer pocket, id sleeve: perfect for staging "grab & go" kits or dividing up the transportation responsibilities.
  • 2x Large Alice First Aid Pouch; nylon construction / double clip
  • 2x Small Alice First Aid Pouch; nylon construction / single clip
  • 2x New US Enhanced Load Vest *Survival Vest* perfect for a backup plan.  keep supplies such as mayday bars, h2o purification, fire starter, etc. stored in the multiple pocket, fully adjustable vest as a reasonably thought out back up or ditch and run plan.  4 large/2 small pouches plus lots of attachment points to clip gear.
OR CALL 1-866-606-3991

  • USGI M-9 bayonet Ontario Knife company mfg USA.  The current issue US Military rifle bayonet is nearly indestructible. saw back, extra thick stainless steel blade, wire cutter attachment on sheath, plus flat head screw driver. (7.5" blade)
  • 2x USGI E-Tool with alice carrying case USA 'ames mfg' great condition and fully functional field shovel entrenching tool.
  • 5.5 Inch Stainless Steel Medical Scissors
  • 4 Inch Folding Pocket Knife
  • 2x 3 1/2 Inch Folding Pocket Knife
  • 2x Stainless Steel Survival Field Wire Saw (qty 2)
  • 2x 7 Inch Black Camouflage Paracord Fixed Blade Survival Knife: aggressive, durable, sleek, and robust!
  • 2x Folding Field Stove (esbit style)
OR CALL 1-866-606-3991

Survival Supplies:
  • FSS Fire Shelter (new shelter sealed in original inner storage bag) stored in US Forestry Service issued nylon alice case w/ instructions.  absolutely the very best forest / field shelter for a multitude of scenarios.
  • 64x Emergency Survival Candles (4.5 hrs burn time each) total 288 hours of emergency light.
  • 5x Spools of USGI Trip / Booby Trap Wire 160ft/each steel wire.  Green for forestry / yellow for grass *these spools of wire are handy for numerous survival applications including trapping, shelter construction, and general field repairs.
  • 3x Survival Whistle
  • 2x Magnesium Fire Starter with Steel Saw Serrated Striker Bar
  • 8x Mylar Survival / Emergency Blankets (52"x84") retains 90% of body heat.
  • USGI Lensatic Compass (engineering compass) Tritium Filled Glow in the Dark; one of the best compasses ever made *still in service
  • 4x 22mm Small Survival Compass
  • 3x Squeeze Operated May-Day Survival Lights LED *always a reliable back up source of lighting
  • 20x May-Day Light Sticks 6 inch 12 hours each Chem Lights - the only source of light in certain hazardous combustible environments
  • 107 Piece First Aid Kit with plenty of bandages, gauze, pads, butterflies, tape, and other important 1st aid implements
  • Quik Clot Medical Bandage exp. 7/2013 just as used in the ifak (individual first aid kit)
  • 4x 10 Inch 550 US Mil Spec Paracord Bracelets double wrapped and the finest we have seen.  black, green, desert, & acu!
  • 2x Potable Aqua Water Purification tablets (one bottle will treat up to 25 quarts)
  • 3x *new* USGI Two Quart Canteens
  • 2x Two Quart Canteen Carrier with Shoulder Strap
  • 2x M1 Waterproof Mask Bag; waterproof roll closure bag for storing a protective mask or any other gear that would be ideally kept dry
  • 8 Liter Emergency Water Bag
  • 2x M-61 Finnish Gas Mask with filter (unissued condition)
  • 2x Swedish Gas Mask Filter Sealed (new)
  • Survival Manual U.S. Dept. of Army Field Manual fm 21-76 (1970)
  • 2x 3M Extreme Cold Weather Mask w/ neck protector (new)
  • Radiological Dosimeter Charger - new in the box w/ instructions
  • 4x US Radiation Dosimeter Pen - Civil Defense Landsverk mfg.
  • 5 ft. Camouflage Mesh Material - for ghillie suit; excellent for making a camouflage stash location or general field camouflage usage.
  • 2x USGI Poncho Liner (military blanket) the absolute best field blanket for any survival situation.
  • 6x Wag Bag Kits; waste alleviation and gelling kits for solid waste disposal
  • 2x Nitrile Survival/Emergency Gloves

OR CALL 1-866-606-3991

OR CALL 1-866-606-3991

Food & Water:
  • 12x Datrex Ration Packages (each package contains 2400 calories of ration bars, fresh july 2012 mfg., coconut shortbread similarity)
  • total of 28,800 calories of rations.
  • 20x Mayday 400 calories Apple Cinnamon Ration Bar (total of 8000 calories)
  • 16x Datrex Emergency Drinking Water Packets (each 1/8 qt) total of 2 quarts h2o (cannot be sent in international mail due to liquids restrictions)
  • 2x USGI Gore-Tex Bivy Cover / Sleeping Bag Cover; perfect for a ground bivouac this waterproof bivy bag has been the keystone of the US military modular sleep system and allows for easy bivouac without the necessity of a tent.

OR CALL 1-866-606-3991

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