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Brand New Steam Whirl 9KW Steam Generator
Brand New Steam Whirl 9KW Steam Generator

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Brand New Steam Whirl
9KW Steam Generator

The Classic Series Steam Generator can accommodate steam rooms from 60 to 400 cubic feet. The Steambath unit is all enclosed and ready for quick installation. The generator may be installed within 40 feet of your enclosure. All that is visible is the control on the wall and the steam head in the shower. The steam head is molded to hold your favorite essential oils and aromatherapy which is released on contact with steam vapors. Use a popular mentholated rub to discharge soothing, vaporizing steam and breathe easier.

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Healing Benefits

The use of a steam sauna is very important for the detoxification and cleansing of your body. It can rid your body of many toxins through your sweat glands. Do you know steam baths have been around for thousands of years? It was very important during the time of the Romans. It will also improve your metabolism, and burn calories! Many people have also claimed it helps with dealing with stress, as it allows your body and muscles to fully relax. It also improves blood circulation, and gets your heart rate up, which is very healthy. If you have difficulty breathing, the steam can remove allergens and mucus from the lungs. (not to mention air pollution which we all get on a daily basis)

Steam can also have a huge benefit for your skin. A good sweat is excellent for healthy skin. Dermatologists understand the benefits of steam to create a beautiful, healthy glow. Serious sweating washes the skin better than soap and water since it unlocks the pores and lets deep-seated grime along with dead cells to be washed out naturally.

Steam can also help with sleep. Many people have reported that a steam bath prior to bedtime greatly improves their ability to reach a deep sleep. Stresses during the day build up in our bodies, and these stresses will build up over time and can induce stress linked illnesses such as high blood pressure and hypertension. These stresses are also a big cause for people getting little sleep. You will notice when finished with the steam bath you are very relaxed. Natural herbs and aromas can be included in the steam tent, which will also help you relax both your mind and body. Go ahead, indulge yourself with better health!


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Product Features / Specifications
  • Classic series generators can accommodate steam rooms from 60 - 400 cubic feet
  • All models ship blowdown ready. The Classic Series is the original Steam-Whirl steam generator and incorporates basic technology for time honored reliability
  • Using a basic mechanical timer and circuit board the classic generator is perfect for those that want the most simplistic option

Important:  Installation by a licensed electrician is recommended.

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  • Model: SW-90C
  • Cubic Feet: 300
  • Kw: 9
  • Volts:240
  • Phase: Single
  • Amps: 21
  • Breaker Size: 50A
  • Wire Size: 8AWG
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