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  Brand New Ramp Skate Paint - 1 Gallon
Ramp Skate Paint - 1 Gallon

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Ramp Skate Paint - 1 Gallon

Protect your wooden skateboard ramp with Skate Paint. It is the ONLY paint on the market designed specifically for wooden ramps and it protects your ramp and grips your skate wheels. No other sealant/polyurethane paint matches the quality and perfection of Skate Paint. Want your ramp to last as long as possible? Use what the Pro skateboarders use for their ramps; Skate Paint!

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What is Skatepaint?
It is a polyurethane epoxy component paint designed specifically for wooden skate ramps. Skatepaint protects the skate ramp from the sun, weather and skateboard abuse.

How is it different from cheap sealants/polyurethanes at my local hardware store?
Cheap sealants are made for outdoor wood- not skateboard ramps. They create a “slip-n'-slide” effect. Meaning, the urethane skateboard wheels do not stick to the wood- its too slick a surface. You will ruin your ramp by applying such a sealant.

How many coats do I need to apply?
One solid, thick, even coat is enough.

How long does it take to dry?
24 hours

Do I roll it on or spray it?
Use a nap roller. Sponge is best recommended. It does not need to be a fancy nap roller.

How long will Skatepaint last?
Skatepaint will last up to 3 years. However, it all depends on your personal circumstances. Ie where you live, how much rain/moisture you get, how often skaters ride the ramp, if you cover it with a plastic tarp, how well you take care of it, etc.

How do I reapply it?
There is no need to completely sand down the original coat. Make sure the ramp is free and clean from debris. Then, apply the Skatepaint.

Can I add my own color mix-in or thinner?
No. Do not add anything to the chemicals of Skatepaint. It is not designed for additives of any kind.

Can I Skatepaint over an existing painted surface?
Yes. But please note; Skatepaint sticks to whatever you apply it to therefore its best to apply the Skatepaint directly to the bare wood.

Should I seal or primer it before I apply Skatepaint?
No! Skatepaint has an epoxy in it, acting as a primer. It's a two in one.

How much do I need to paint my ramp?
Determine the square footage of your ramp. One quart covers 50 sq ft. One gallon covers 150-200 sq ft. One bucket covers 1000 sq ft.

What is the shelf life, can I save the extra paint I don't use?
Once you open the can or bucket, you have 24 hours to paint your skate ramp—there is no saving any paint. The shelf life to an un-opened can is 6-9 months.

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What Do I Use To Cover My Ramp From Wet Conditions
No matter what type of material is used on the ramps, weather can be extremely abusive. Cover the ramp to help prolong that process. A large portion of our clients are located within wet weather conditions. It is highly recommend that you cover up your skateboard ramp with a tarp. We suggest buying one from your hardware store (i.e. Home Depot/Lowes or camping store).  Always keep a tarp on when the ramp is not in use. If windy, place some bricks or heavier items on top to prevent the tarp from flying away!

Do I still need a plastic tarp to cover my ramp?
Yes. It is highly recommended. The better you take care of your ramp, the longer it will last! Simple as that!

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  • 1 Gallon Skatepaint covers approximately 150-200 square feet (plenty for any quarterpipe ramp and most halfpipes)
  • Single component, air cured, polyurethane covering
  • Apply with a paint roller, cures in 24 hours
  • No mixing or combining chemicals, just pour and paint!
  • Protects your ramp from the weather and skater abuse
  • Provides a clear, completely water resistant coating for your skate ramp
  • Creates a perfect surface/texture — grips your skateboard wheels
  • Works great on ALL types of wood
  • Colors Available: Clear
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