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Cruzin Cooler 2000 Watt Electric Scooter Cooler
Cruzin Cooler 2000 Watt Electric Scooter Cooler

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Product Code: CZC-52-2000XE-LE


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Cruzin Cooler 2000 Watt
Electric Scooter Cooler

If your only thirst is for speed, then the Brand New Cruzin Cooler 2000 Watt Electric Scooter Cooler is made for you! A powerful 2000 Watt engine means this little baby can go 20+ MPH and up to 15 miles on a single charge! That means there isn't room under the hood for drinks or food, but you could easily tow one of our Coolagons behind with everything you need.

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  • Twin 1000 watt motors - These are powered by two separate 1000 watt motors. You can unplug one of the motors if you want to save power.
  • 15 Tooth Gear Sets - These units are supplied with the faster 15 tooth gear sets for both motors allowing for higher speeds for racing applications.
  • Two wheel drive - Each motor supplies power to its own wheel, allowing for sharp turning not normally available on fixed or solid 2 wheel drive axles.
  • Twin Chains - Each motor drives it own hub, wheel and brake disk.
  • No drink capacity (battery is in front cooler section) - The front storage area is now partially being used by the battery which cuts the front drink area in half but you cannot have water in battery area. You can have a separate cooler bag so long as battery is not exposed to water at connections or inside of battery. The weight of the battery in front also reduces the risk of pulling the front wheel off the ground "wheelie".
  • Solid Blue from body to lid, hinges and drink lid - These are very unique and distinguishable for other coolers because they are solid colored shown below.
  • Drain plug removed so battery cannot be flooded - The drain plug is removed but included with cooler
  • Exceptional speed - The speed is estimated to be over 20 MPH with the speed dampers removed.
  • Power dampers installed - Power dampers are installed to lower the speed of these coolers for the driver's safety and protection. They are the tiny white plugs coming out of the controllers on the white wires. DO NOT UNPLUG THESE SPEED DAMPERS unless you are wearing full racing protection and are a skilled professional racer. NEVER EVER LET ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 DRIVE THESE COOLERS.
  • Sleeper graphics - We have decided to keep the graphics the same as a regular cooler so that it is more of a "sleeper" design, You can order 2000 watt decals if you wish. They are in the design stage.
  • Twin Braking - This is not available at this time but is expected to be on the newer units.
  • Thumb Throttles (on future models) - These coolers are using the thumb throttle to allow better control, allow twin braking and to also keep a child from accidently twisting a rotating throttle if cooler is accidently left on.
  • Removable Battery - These have the same battery as the 1000 watt shown below.
  • Keyed Ignition - These units will have a keyed ignition so that they cannot be turned on accidently and protection from theft.
  • Limited Warranty - As with most racing machines and motors, these units only have a 30 day warranty on the motors, computers (ECU's) and throttle. There is no warranty for structural failures, wheels, tires, batteries, rims or any other component not described above.

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  • Twin 1000 Watt Electric Motors
  • Weight 110lbs.
  • Lead-Acid 48v drop in Battery!
  • Cargo capacity limited
  • Top Speed up to 20+ mph
  • Range up to 15 miles*
  • Rider capacity 300 lbs. Tested to 540
  • Size 24" long, 17" wide 18" tall
  • Box size 28"long, 17"wide, 19"tall
  • Weight (dry) approx 94bs / 50lbs no battery
  • Extra, extra, extra power for grades and larger loads
  • Great for pulling Cruzin Cooler Trailers
  • Chain and gear upgrades available
  • Battery options available soon!
  • Run time approximately 25 min at full speed, 4-10 hours at "walking speed", depending on driver weight & grade*

*Range depends on driver weight, terrain and speed

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