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  CNG Propane Tri Fuel Hybrid Conversion Kit for 4 Cylinder Fuel Injected Engines
CNG Propane Tri Fuel Hybrid Conversion Kit for 4 Cylinder Fuel Injected Engines

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CNG Propane Tri Fuel Hybrid
Conversion Kit for 4 Cylinder
Fuel Injected Engines

Comes with a Standard Regulator

Buy gas for your gasoline or diesel car or truck for as little as $.88 a
gallon. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one of the lowest cost and
environment friendly alternative fuels available.

More than 12 million cars in the world are driving on CNG.

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Why should you use CNG?
  • OIL FREE - Natural Gas is Produced in the USA
  • SAVE - Costs up to 80% Less than Gasoline
  • CLEAN - Fewer Emissions Save the Environment
  • SAFE - CNG Kits and Cylinders Built to ISO Safety Standards
  • EASY - Filling Your Car is Just as Fast and Easy
  • CONVENIENT - Bi-Fuel System - Change to Gasoline with the Push of a Button, Even While Driving
  • ANY - Make, Model, Year, Engine, Carburetor or Fuel Injected, Gasoline or Diesel
 All you need is a CNG Conversion Kit, tank Valve, and a Storage Tank.
You can use multiple tanks for a better driving range with any of our kits.

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Where do I get CNG to fill my car?
Click on this Interactive map to view filling stations in your area.
CNG Filling Stations
You cannot fill from the Natural gas at your house unless you have a home filling station.
We do not sell any filling stations.

  • Automatic conversion to gasoline before you run out of CNG.
  • Smooth instant automatic conversion to CNG while starting on gasoline.  The conversion RPM and fuel overlap are adjustable using the software to provide the smoothest and safest conversion.  This is the only conversion kit that can do this.
  • Option to always start on CNG.
  • Adjustable all aluminum mixer available in 5 sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 inch diameters.
  • Easier fuel injector wiring with connection to the one common injector wire to turn off and on all the fuel injectors.
  • All computer controlled solid state electronics with no mechanical parts or relays.
  • No fuel injector emulators to wire and install.
  • Emergency CNG starting and operation if the engine will not operate on gasoline.
  • Has Oxygen Sensor diagnostics to warn you of any operating problems.
  • Comes with software instructions, a USB computer cable, and the software on a disk, a $50 value. 
  • Comes with installation and operating instructions with many tips, how to information, and a trouble guide.
  • Many other features and adjustments available using the software so any engine can be set up to operate properly.
  • Same features as our mixer kit above plus many other options and features.

How the CNG Kit Works
A mixer (venturi) is installed in the air intake before the throttle body which provides single point fuel injection.  An oxygen sensor on the engine's exhaust is monitored by the CNG controller which controls an electronic valve (stepper motor) installed on the low pressure CNG fuel hose going to the mixer to provide the proper fuel ratio at all times.  On all gasoline engines the combustion air has always been controlled with a throttle plate so it makes sense to bring the fuel in with the air letting the oxygen sensor adjust the fuel ratio.  This provides the best mixing of the gas and air which provides excellent engine performance.  The engine idles and runs the same as it does on gasoline without the intense programming and adjusting needed with sequential injection conversion kits.  The mixer does restrict the air flow some when running on gasoline, but not enough to effect the performance or fuel economy.  The instructions are written for the car owner to install with many tips, "how to" information and a trouble guide.  A computer cable, software and software instructions are included.  The software instructions show you how to program the controller for your engine.  The software program will show you how the engine is running and give you the ability to make programming changes as needed.  The controller features self adjusting electronics which always provides peak performance.  The control on the dash indicates which fuel you are using and how much CNG is in your cylinder.  This kit allows you to run on either gasoline or CNG with the push of a button on the dash.  Our kits for 8 or 10 cylinder engines come with dual regulators for more power and better performance.

How is it Installed and What You Get?
Below are some pictures and installation information for this  Mixer Type CNG Conversion Kit.
The information below is just a brief overview of how to install this CNG conversion kit and are not to be used as installation instructions.

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Controller and Change Over Switch


Comes with a Closed Loop Feedback Controller.  All kits come with a change-over switch and fuel indicator controller which is mounted in, on, or under the dash where the driver can see it.  A few wires are connected to the engine's wiring including the following:  Ground, 12 volts, 12 volt ignition, TPS signal, coil pulse signal, Oxygen sensor signal, and all fuel injectors.  All closed loop feedback controllers require you to connect to an oxygen sensor before the catalytic converter.  Do not connect to an air fuel ratio sensor as they look the same, but do not work the same.  Some newer engines have them installed before the catalytic converter.  If your engine does not have an oxygen sensor before the converter you will need to have one installed.  We have a oxygen sensor and bung for $35, or you can get a non heated universal oxygen sensor for under $20 at your local auto parts store.  A bung to install the sensor can be installed at your local muffler shop for $50 to $100.  The instructions explain how to identify all the wires you need to connect to with many wiring tips "how to " information, and a trouble guide.  The Change-Over Switch and fuel indicator is mounted in the car where the fuel level is easily monitored and the fuel is easily switched with the push of a button by the driver when desired.

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CNG Stepper Motor

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Comes with a standard regulator.  The regulator is installed under the hood near the engine.  A mounting kit is provided to install the regulator.  The high pressure tubing, and the low pressure hose are connected to the regulator.  Two small coolant hoses are connected to the regulator which are connected to the two coolant hoses which run to the heater core.  This is to keep the regulator warm and from freezing as the regulator gets cold as the pressure of the gas is reduced.

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Plastic Coated Carbon Steel High Pressure Tubing


The high pressure tubing is routed from the cylinder to the filling nozzle and then to the regulator.  The filling nozzle is located where it is easily connected to the filling station nozzle.  A couple of holes may need to be drilled and the straps included will need to be installed to support the tubing and keep it secured and away from moving parts.  The tubing is connected with high pressure compression fittings.

The tubing is 6 mm 3,000 psi carbon steel with a plastic coating for corrosion resistance.

Fill Nozzle

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Plastic Mixers for Conversion Kits

Mixer Connections

The custom sized mixer for your vehicle is installed at the intake of the throttle body.  A hose is connected from the regulator to the  mixer.  A stepper motor is connected to the hose to control the fuel ratio on our feed back Mixer kits.  The oxygen sensor, and TPS voltages are monitored to control the stepper motor which provides the proper fuel ratio at all times.

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Adjustable 2" to 4" Aluminum Mixers for Conversion Kits
The top face is rotated to adjust the mixer as needed at installation.
They are shown from fully closed to full open.

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The cylinder is secured with a mounting kit which is securely bolted to the vehicle.  Mounting hardware is not included with the purchase of our cylinders.  The cylinder is usually installed in the trunk of a car, behind the rear seat in a SUV or van, and in the bed of a truck.  Occasionally a vehicle may have room to install a cylinder under the vehicle.

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▪ What is CNG?
CNG is Compressed Natural Gas stored at high pressure of 200 bar or about 3,000 psi.  Natural gas is a gas that comes from within the earth and consists of 85% methane, 10% nitrogen and carbon dioxide, and the balance is ethane, propane, and butane.  The octane rating of natural gas is 130.

▪ Can my engine run on both CNG and Gasoline?
Yes, you can run on either fuel and change the fuel you are using with the push of a button on the dash.

▪ Can I use the natural gas at my home?
You can only use CNG.  The natural gas at your home is not compressed.

▪ Do you sell CNG filling stations?
No, and we do not recommend any.

▪ Where can I fill my car with CNG?
Click on this link to view the interactive map of filling stations in your area. 
CNG Filling Stations
If there are no filling stations in your area, ask your local Natural Gas Company to install public filling stations in your area.

▪ How much CNG will my car use?
The Amount used depends on the vehicle size and engine.  You will get about the same miles per gallon.

▪ Will using CNG harm my engine?
No, it is better for your engine as explained on our CNG home page.

▪ Are your kits EPA Approved?
No, and you are not required to have an EPA approved conversion kit installed on your car.  The EPA only regulators manufacturers.  They do not regulate installers or individuals.  Most conversion kits installed throughout the USA are not EPA approved conversion kits and are being installed throughout the USA without anyone having problems from the EPA.  It is the installers of EPA approved kits that do not want you to install a non EPA approved conversion kit on your car and they are trying to frighten the consumer from installing them.

▪ Will I be able to get any tax credits?
Our kits do not qualify for the federal tax credit, but may qualify for some state credits.  Check with your state for tax credit information.  For Federal tax credit only EPA approved natural gas conversions by qualified mechanics qualify, and getting a conversion certified is about $250,000 per engine per model year.  Approved conversion installations cost $12,000 and up and are only available for a few late model V8 engines.

▪ Will I be able to pass my state inspections?
You should not have any trouble passing your inspections.  Your emissions will be much lower if tested while on CNG.

▪ How do I switch fuels?
You can switch to either fuel anytime, except when the engine is idling, with the push of a button.

▪ What do I get with my conversion Kit?
You get everything needed including the filling nozzle.  The kit does not come with the cylinder or cylinder valve.

▪ Can I install it myself or do I need a mechanic?
You can install it yourself if you can take the time to read and follow instructions, have basic mechanical skills and tools, and have and can use a DC voltmeter.  We have detailed instructions written for the home installer.  We recommend that two people install the entire kit.  You will need two people to install the cylinder anyway.  We have installers throughout Utah and in a few other cities throughout the USA.  If we do not have an installer near you, ask your local mechanic if they will install it for you.  We do not install, but we do provide technical support.

▪ How long does it take to install?
It depends on the vehicle and your mechanical skills, but for most people it takes 8 to 10 hours.  This does not include the time to install the cylinder.

▪ Can I install more than one cylinder?
Yes, you may wish to install more than one cylinder to increase your driving range, particularly in larger 8 cylinder vehicles.

▪ How long will it last?
Your kit and cylinder will last for many years, and will most likely outlast your car.

▪ What maintenance is Required?
You only need to perform a quick visual inspection of your system each time you fill your car with natural gas.

▪ Can it be removed?
Yes, you can remove it if you want and install it in another vehicle, but you may need a few different parts, which you can purchase from us.

▪ Can I sell my CNG vehicle or will it have be removed?
Yes, you can sell your car without removing your conversion kit and you should get a much better price for your vehicle.

▪ Can the CNG cylinder explode in an accident?
A CNG cylinder is a very strong and thick storage tank and is just as safe or safer than a thin plastic or metal gasoline tank.  Millions of cars have been safely driving on CNG for many years including many federal, state, and local government vehicles.

▪ Will I get a "Check Engine" light when driving on CNG?
If your kit is properly installed and adjusted you will most likely still get a check engine light.  If you wait until your engine is warm before using CNG you most likely will not get a check engine light.  The reason you get a check engine light is because the CNG fuel burns so much cleaner that the cars computer thinks the engine may be running rich or lean even though it is not.  We recommend purchasing a low cost scanner to read and clear any codes if you get any check engine lights.  They can be purchased for under $40 on ebay.

▪ Do the kits violate any EPA or Clean Air Act laws?
No, none of our kits emulate any signals to the engines ECU and no emission systems are modified.  We have the only conversion kits that do not modify any ECU signals.

▪ Can it be installed on a hybrid?
We had problems with the Prius we installed a kit on and could not get it to operate consistently without the big triangle of death coming on occasionally, which requires you to disconnect the battery and reboot the computer.  It may work on other hybrids by other manufacturers, but we have not tested the kit on other hybrids.

▪ Can it be installed on a turbo charged engine?
Yes, it can be installed on a turbo charged engine.  On a turbo charged engine the mixer is installed on the intake of the turbo charger and after the air filter.  Diesel engines with turbo do not even need the mixer as the turbo sucks the CNG out of the regulator.

▪ Can it be installed on a diesel engine?

We have conversion kits for diesel engines.  A diesel engine requires a dual fuel system with at least 30% diesel fuel to operate safely, so it will be a mixture of the two fuels simultaneously.  Most use 40% diesel and 60% CNG.

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For gasoline engines there are a few engines that require special parts or programming listed below.
1.  Engines with duel air intake hoses require a duel mixer kit. The duel mixer kit comes with an additional mixer, a tee fitting, 18" of additional hose, and 3 additional hose clamps.
2.  Late model Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Nissan and perhaps other engines with air fuel ratio sensors will require our Oxygen Sensor Kit model CNGOSK.
3.  Inverted or regular TPS voltage.  Only a few makes have inverted TPS voltage such some VW and a few other European engines.  Please specify if needed.

Fill Nozzle Options

1. Standard fill nozzle with 1/4 turn shutoff valve with 2 ports so it can be installed in-line from cylinder to regulator.  This is what you will get unless you request one of the other options.
2. Strait nozzle without shutoff valve.  For installing in tight or hard to get to locations.  Comes with an extra 1/2 length roll of tubing.  It is connected directly to the cylinder valve.  The regulator is connected directly to the other port of the cylinder valve. 
3. Fill nozzle installed directly on our cylinder valve.  Can only be used if you order one of our cylinders or you order our cylinder valve.  Only to be used on cylinders installed outside the vehicle such as in a truck bed with no shell where the filling nozzle has easy access.
  • The Year your Vehicle was made
  • The Make

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