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  Brand New Do It Yourself 2 Zone Lawn Sprinkler Kit Version 3
Brand New DIY 2 Zone Lawn Sprinkler Kit Version 3

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Brand New DIY 2 Zone
Lawn Sprinkler Kit Version 3

Living landscapes need water to survive and flourish. Relying completely on natural rainfall isn't usually the best method of supplying water. Depending on the type of grass and other plantings you have in your landscape, a more constant source of water may be required and a home irrigation system might be what you need. A properly installed and maintained underground sprinkler system conserves water by directing it exactly where and when it's needed. Installing your own home sprinkler system can save you lots of money. However, it's not one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects around. Keep in mind that putting in an irrigation system isn't your typical Saturday morning project. Installing a system usually takes one weekend to fit and fine tune. We have made the process of building a sprinkler system much easier.

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The Orbit Timer is the most user-friendly timer out there. The timer is for indoors use only and is pre-wired to the valve which makes things simple. At the top of the picture, we start with a 6 foot garden hose that hooks to your outside faucet, then hooks to the pvc, and with the pvc parts we give you, then go to an Orbit or Irritrol anti-siphon vaccuum breaker (all pre-assembled with the pvc pipe and parts),then it hooks to either a Orbit or ProRain valve jartop series. It is interchangable for easy fixing and upkeep. This is what controls your zones. It's PVC pre-assembled parts, right next to the valve you will see PVC parts with some having funny pipe pieces - these are for your PVC pipe (which we do not include). The last thing we have to mention is the two valve boxes which will cover up your anti siphon and your jartop valve. All these parts are covered by a 5 year warranty. (FYI - 10 feet of PVC pipe costs about $1.60.) You need about a 100 feet of PVC for a one zone sprinkler system.

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Each sprinkler head is designed for a specific watering need. Many are adjustable to allow targeted spot-watering without watering inorganic objects such as sidewalks, driveways or the house. I love to take and shoot a K-rain large head right over the sidewalk to save money on zones. Going underneath a sidewalk sometimes can be the most time-consuming and difficult. To help ease the process, use a power washer to to blast under the sidewalk, or buy a 10 foot cast-iron pipe 2 inches in diameter and tape both ends. Then, get a 2 x 4 piece of wood and hammer it through the hole under the sidewalk, hacksaw the ends off, and then you can get the pipe through.

Pop-up style lawn sprinkler heads are installed just below ground level. Set pop-up sprinkler heads so that they will not be damaged by mowers or foot traffic when retracted.

A Sprinkler in a Box 2 zone sprinkler kit comes with some parts already pre-assembled to help you along your way.

Learn How To Install,
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Learn How To Install,
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"Grid Paper"

Measuring your lawn for a sprinkler system

Measuring your lawn is very easy, but before you start to measure your lawn you'll want to print out a grid sheet and then take them into the yard with you with a tape measure.

Sprinkler Design You'll notice that on the grid sheets there's a ledger on the top and left side which will help you draw the lawn shape proportionately. You don't need to be super precise here but try to measure it within 5 feet or so of accuracy.

You'll also want to include any obstructions such as driveways and patios in your drawing. Use a tape measure and simply start at one end of your lawn and go to the opposite side.

Then draw a line your grid representing the overall shape. (Please note: 1 square = 2 feet on the grid sheet - if you have a large lawn and need more room feel free to double the scale to 1 square - 4 feet)

When your done defining the perimeter of your lawn mark on the sheet where your outdoor faucet or faucets are. Later this will help you determine the overall length of each zone or Lawn Belt Kit.

Kit Includes:

  • 6 K-Rain professional series medium mister heads with 40 feet adjustable heads (Each head can cover a 40 x 40 area)
  • 20 feet of Wire (already hooked up to your timer & valves)
  • 6 Large Rotor Heads
  • 24 feet of funny pipe (Already connected to the heads)
  • Gloves
  • 2 Valve Boxes
  • Anti-siphon
  • Hose
  • PVC Parts
  • Pipe Cutter
  • 1 bottle of primer
  • 1 bottle of glue
  • 2 Valves
  • 1 Timer (For indoor use only)
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