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Arcade Legends 3 With 130 Games Including 29 Golden Tee Courses
Arcade Legends 3 With 130 Games Including 29 Golden Tee Courses

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LIST PRICE: $4,199.95
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Arcade Legends 3 is a full sized video game cabinet built with authentic hardware and materials used on commercial arcade cabinets. Coin-door has been permanently deactivated, Arcade Legends 3 is for home use only. Legendary arcade games authentic in every detail, including

10-Yard-Fight (1983 Irem)
Alpine Ski (1982 Taito)
Anteater (1982 Stern)
Arkanoid (1986 Taito)
Arkanoid 2 (1988 Taito)
Armored Car (1981 Stern)
Asteriods (1979 Atari)
Asteroids Deluxe (1980 Atari)
Battle Chopper (1987 Irem)
Battle Road (1984 Irem)
Battlezone (1980 Atari)
Berzerk (1980 Stern)
Black Widow (1982 Atari)
Bubble Bobble (1986 Taito)
Burger Time (1982 G-Mode)
Burnin Rubber (1982 G-Mode )
Calipso (1982 Stern)
Cameltry (1989 Taito)
Caveman Ninja (1991 G-Mode)
Centipede (1980 Atari)
Chack n Pop (1983 Taito)
Cheyenne (1984 Exidy/Kauffman)
Clay Pigeon (1986 Exidy/Kauffman)
Cobra Command (1984 G-Mode)
Combat (1985 Exidy/Kauffman )
Crack Shot (1987 Exidy/Kauffman )
Crime City (1989 Taito)
Crossbow (1983 Exidy/Kauffman)
Crystal Castles (1983 Atari)
Dragon Breed (1989 Irem)
Elevator Action (1983 Taito)
Fax (1983 Exidy/Kauffman)
Final Blow (1988 Taito)
Food Fight (1983 Atari)
Frenzy (1982 Stern)
Gallop (1991 Irem)
Gate of Doom (1990 G-Mode)
Great Swordsman (1984 Taito)
Hammerin Harry (1990 Irem)
Hard Hat (1982 Exidy/Kauffman)
Hit N Miss (1982 Exidy/Kauffman)
Jungle Hunt (1982 Taito)
Karate Champ (1984 G-Mode)
Kengo (1989 Irem)
Kung Fu Master (1984 Irem)
Legend of Hero Tonma (1989 Irem)
Liberator (1982 Atari)
Liquid Kids (1990 Taito)
Lock N Chase (1981 G-Mode)
Lost Tomb (1983 Stern)
Lunar Lander (1979 Atari)
Lunar Rescue (1979 Taito)
Major Title (1990 Irem)
Millipede (1982 Atari)
Minefield (1983 Stern)
Missle Command (1980 Atari)
Moon Patrol (1982 Irem)
Moon War (1981 Stern)
Mouse Trap (1981 Exidy/Kauffman)
Nastar (1988 Taito)
Ninja Kids (1990 Taito)
Ninja Spirit (1988 Irem)
Pepper II (1982 Exidy/Kauffman )
Pirate Pete (1982 Taito)
Plotting (1989 Taito)
Plump Pop (1987 Taito)
Puzzle Bobble (1994 Taito)
Qix (1981 Taito)
Rainbow Islands (1987 Taito)
Rainbow Islands Extra (1988 Taito)
Rastan (1987 Taito)
Red Baron (1980 Atari)
Rescue (1982 Stern)
Return Of The Invaders (1985 Taito)
Showdown (1988 Exidy/Kauffman)
Side Trak (1979 Exidy/Kauffman)
Space Duel (1982 Atari)
Space Invaders (1978 Taito)
Space Invaders DX (1993 Taito)
Spectar (1980 Exidy/Kauffman)
Speed Coin (1984 Stern)
Super Breakout (1978 Atari)
Super Burger Time (1990 G-Mode)
Super Qix (1987 Taito)
Targ (1980 Exidy/Kauffman)
Tazz Mania (1982 Stern)
Tempest (1980 Atari)
The New Zealand Story (1988 Taito)
Tropical Angel (1983 Irem)
Tumble Pop (1991 G-Mode)
Venture (1981 Exidy/Kauffman)
Warlords (1980, Atari)
Water Ski (1983, Taito)
Who Dunit (1988 Exidy/Kauffman)
World Class Bowling (1997 Incredible Technologies)
X-Multiply (1989 Irem)
Zippy Race (1983 Irem)
Zoo Keeper (1982 Taito)

Also Features The Golden Tee Golf Collections

Golden Tee Golf (1990 Incredible Technologies)
Golden Tee Golf 2 (1992 Incredible Technologies)
Golden Tee Courses (2000-2005 Incredible Technologies)
Golden Tee Fore!
Mystic Hills Golden Tee Fore!
Suerte del Sol Golden Tee Fore!
Crimson Rock Golden Tee Fore!
Pine Meadow Golden Tee Fore!
Bay Side Golden Tee Fore!
Rattlesnake Ridge Golden Tee Fore!
Castleshire Golden Tee Fore!
Maple Acres Golden Tee Fore!
Kiwi Springs Golden Tee Fore!
Crawdad Swamp Golden Tee Fore!
Buckhorn Golden Tee Fore!
Kings Canyon Golden Tee Fore!
Bluestone Golden Tee Fore!
Bluestone Amatuer Golden Tee Fore!
Heartland Creek Golden Tee Fore!
Tropical Falls Golden Tee Fore!
Eagle's Peak Golden Tee Fore!
Eagle's Peak Amateur Golden Tee Fore!
Blue Horizon Golden Tee Fore!
Blue Horizon Amateur Golden Tee Fore!
Sword's Pointe Golden Tee Fore!
Cedar Meadows Golden Tee Fore!
Shadow Swamp Golden Tee Fore!
Ridgewood Golden Tee Fore!
Painted Gorge Golden Tee Fore!
Oak Hollows Golden Tee Fore!
Sapphire Springs Golden Tee Fore!
Balmoral Greens Gravitar(1982, Atari)

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  • The control panel is 37.5" off the ground
  • Game Dimensions: 40"L x 27"W x 68"H
  • Weight: 345 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 47"D x 31"W x 72"H
  • Weight: 380 lbs.

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