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Brand New 550 Watt Wind Turbine Generator System
Brand New 550 Watt Wind Turbine Generator System

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Introducing the MegaShark. A turbine that can use on land, or marine environment. With its aircraft quality aluminum alloy body and anodized hub, you wont have to worry installing it on a boat. This turbine utilize Neodymium (permanent) magnets in its alternator rotor and has a built in rectifier and body heatsink to allow large amount of current to pass through.

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Connection Overview

The Wind Generator will generate DC power and is able to charge 12V batteries directly. Note: the 12V Batteries above are not included. If your home or farm is connected to the power grid, on windier days you may be able to sell excess power generated by your wind turbine to your utility. At other times when the turbine cannot generate all the power you need, you would buy power from the grid. This concept is called net metering. Even if net metering is unavailable, you might be able to reduce your power bills by using the electricity generated by wind turbines, and become less dependent on your utility.

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Power curve:
Since wind speed increases with height, increases to the tower height can mean enormous increases in the amount of electricity generated by a wind turbine.

  • Body Material:  Aluminium
  • Rotor Diameter:  117cm (46 inches)
  • Starting Wind Speed:  3m/s (7 mph)
  • Rated Wind Speed:  12.5m/s
  • Survival Wind Speed:  45m/s
  • Voltage:  12 VDC
  • Rated Power:  400W
  • Maximum Power:  550W
  • Weight:  5kg
  • Mount:  Not included
  • Batteries:  Not included
  • Certification: CE, RoHS and ISO 9001:2000
  • Wind turbine Generator
  • Nose Cone
  • 3 turbine blades
  • Hub
  • All screw & bolts
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Blade Specification
  • Material:  Carbon Fiber
  • Length:  58cm (23 inches)
  • Width (base):  12cm (4.5 inches )
  • Weight (per blade):  210g
  • Incorporates highly efficient, true airfoil
  • Manufactured using a precision injection molding process that produces blades of exceptional consistency

Nose Cone Specification

  • Material:  Plastic
  • Diameter:  135 mm
  • Height:  90mm
  • Mounting:  Locks on Hub
  • Thickness:  3mm
  • Weight:  80g
  • Reduce wind resistance
  • Eliminates vortexes
  • Greater stability
  • Neighbor Friendly
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Aero's wind alternator is made with high quality, high strength permanent magnetic materials. This is a brushless permanant magnet motor. It is lightweight and compact and has high-power generating capacity. Our wind alternator experts have used unique electromagnetic technology that has very little starting resistance, thus effectively guaranteeing the easy startup of an Aero wind turbine, even with gentle breezes. Aero's alternator is designed to provide efficient DC power with an electronic control system. The alternator’s power capacity and startup performance have made it one of the best in the world.


Aero turbine main body is composed of high-quality die cast aluminum alloy from a precision casting process and has stainless steel components. Thus, it is lightweight yet extremely strong, with high reliability. Due to the precision casting process, Aero's wind turbine has perfect shape. Moreover, the die cast aluminum alloy can work as a cooling system to the turbine because it transfers heat into wind passing through the turbine. Furthermore, Aero's wind turbine is easy to install and maintenance-free. Its unique design will help create a beautiful skyline while providing clean energy for you in sunny or windy weather.

Rotor Blades

Aero's wind turbine blades are composed of fiberglass reinforced composite and are shaped through a high-precision casting process. Fiberglass is an extremely strong material that the advantage of stability and quiet operation. Fiberglass can endure severe weather and environments, such as storms, salt water, and heat. Fiberglass itself is heat resistant and corrosion resistant. It is used in the ship industry for boat frames, in Olympic sports for pool material, in the construction industry as support pillars for mansions, and in the high-quality blades of wind turbines. Due to its strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, fiberglass is a better choice for propeller materials for the hybrid solar wind generator system. Aero's rotor blades are meticulously designed by aerodynamic experts to have very low startup and incision points and a very high wind energy utilizing ratio. Because of the aerodynamic effects of the blades, propeller racing can be avoided under all circumstances.

Charge Controller: Built in! 

Inverter included to convert DC Power to AC Power so that you may use for household appliances and more.

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Rotating blades present the most serious mechanical hazard. The blades may be moving at velocities over 275 miles per hour (440 km/hr). At this speed, the tip of a blade is nearly invisible and can cause serious injury. Under no circumstances should you install the turbine where a person could come in contact with moving rotor blades.

The installer of these blades is solely responsible for the use or misuse of these blades. We assume no liability for ANY injuries caused by these products.

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