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1-2 Two Person Canadian Hemlock Outdoor FIR Infrared Sauna
1-2 Two Person Canadian Hemlock Outdoor FIR Infrared Sauna

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Product Code: SDS-002-OUTDOOR


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1-2 Two Person Outdoor
FIR Infrared Sauna


The use of a sauna is very important for the detoxification and cleansing of your body. It can rid your body of many toxins through your sweat glands. Do you know steam baths and saunas have been around for thousands of years? It was very important during the time of the Romans. It will also improve your metabolism, and burn calories! Many people have also claimed it helps with dealing with stress, as it allows your body and muscles to fully relax. It also improves blood circulation, and gets your heart rate up, which is very healthy. A sauna can also have a huge benefit for your skin. A good sweat is excellent for healthy skin. Dermatologists understand the benefits of steam to create a beautiful, healthy glow. Serious sweating washes the skin better than soap and water since it unlocks the pores and lets deep-seated grime along with dead cells to be washed out naturally.

It can also help with sleep. Many people have reported that using a sauna prior to bedtime greatly improves their ability to reach a deep sleep. Stresses during the day build up in our bodies, and these stresses will build up over time and can induce stress linked illnesses such as high blood pressure and hypertension. These stresses are also a big cause for people getting little sleep. You will notice when finished with the steam bath you are very relaxed. Go ahead, indulge yourself with better health!

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Features & Specifications:
  • Made using Canadian Hemlock Wood.
  • Digital Controller: Allows the user to select the time and temperature of the sauna. Timer can be set between 0 and 99 minutes. The temperature is adjustable up to 140 degrees F!
  • This sauna is ideal for 2 average size people, or 1 person that prefer the extra space!
  • White Ceiling LED Lighting Installed - Runs on safe 12vDC (low voltage very power efficient)
  • AM/FM/CD Player included (new ceiling drop down type), with Auxiliary Input! (Allows the user to plug in an ipod or mp3 source directly to the radio) Stereo speaks included, and already mounted in the ceiling.
  • 7 Powerful FIR Far Infrared Ceramic Heaters! Heats up fast and designed specifically for outdoor use in all conditions!
  • Shipping Weight - Approx 750 pounds (including a custom built crate we use to ship in) Product weight about 500 pounds
  • Voltage: Runs on 110v 60hz (standard wall power), requires 1400 watts. (Recommended to have a 20 amp dedicated circuit)
  • Assembly is required, but all electronics, wiring, heaters are already installed inside the walls. All you have to do is piece the 4 walls on top of the floor, latch the together, then install the roof. Estimated assembly time about 1 hour. (or less) This is easy for 2 people.
CALL 1-866-606-3991

CALL 1-866-606-3991

Enjoy the health improving benefits of Infrared Sauna technology today!

Relax and rejuvenate with ultra safe infrared technology. Soothing heat rays gently penetrate your body to increase body temperature for optimum health benefits.

There are a lot of toxins and pollutants in our environment and in the items we eat and drink. Our bodies, which are constantly trying to detoxify these toxins, cannot keep up. So we end up storing them until we can get rid of them.

When you use our infrared saunas, the infrared rays penetrate into your body and increase the circulation of blood and cellular activity. This in turn, causes our heart rate to increase and we start to sweat releasing toxins that have been stored in our system.

Helps with:

  • Relief from headaches
  • Weight loss - Burns over 600 calories in 30 minutes or less!
  • Increasing body metabolism
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Blood circulation
  • Pain management
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • Detoxification
  • Respiratory ailments
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Can help improve sleep
  • Lower stress
  • Many more benefits not even discovered yet!
  • Having an overall healthier mind and body!
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